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Write directly to the Hub here!

Sign this petition!

Don’t forget to write on the Hub facebook page!

Trend #SaveTheAquabats on twitter and tweet at the @HubTVNetwork why you love the show!


  • Mention buying official merchandise (iTunes pass for season 1, the DVD) and wanting more!
  • Mention the broad appeal of the show to many ages (similar to MLP, even)!
  • Mention consistent growing viewership with each consecutive episode!
  • Mention that the show is officially quality and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Series and has received critical acclaim from Variety, The A.V. Club, Wired, and Common Sense Media!




uh oh guys! we’d better all email them if we want to keep the aquabats going!

This is very important. We at the Cadet have been hearing mixed reports but… Overall, things are /not/ good. Contact the hub here if you can.

The future of the show has always been tenuous (and I’m surprised we’ve even gotten this much of it), but we shouldn’t give up the fight until every last resource has been exhausted.

So get on contacting the hub and discovery and everything, on all websites (twitter, facebook, youtube comments, e-mail) and let them know that The Aquabats is a great TV show, and that you want more of it.

Just a little bit of art I did to show how much I like ya’ll (and this blog, it’s perfection to me).

Probably should be asleep rather then drawin’ but I felt as though it needed to be done. *smiles*

Hope you guys like it!

( P.S.: By the way ‘Bones, sorry if I got Dude wrong.. Kinda hard to draw her when I can’t see her. *nervous smile)

Wow! Thank you so much! This is super duper adorable! What a cute cadet! What a cute kitty!!

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